Stephen Watkins

Husband. Father. Teacher. Unrepentant geek.


About Me

My name is Stephen Watkins. I'm taking my first steps on the path towards a new career as a history/social science teacher.

Learning to teach

Thoughts and artifacts from my journey to become a teacher

My Teaching Philosophy

My continually developing philosophy on education, teaching, and classroom management.

Lesson Plan Samples

Sample lesson plans for 10th Grade World History covering WWI and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Student work samples

Sample work from a 12th Grade Economics class media analysis project called Econ Song.

Observation Journal

The impact of media, civic, and visual literacy on the political views of 12th Grade students.


More Info

Education & Experience

My education, my teaching experience, and what I've done over the last 20-some-odd years in my previous career in advertising.

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