Action Research Symposium

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I conducted my action research during my second term of student teaching. My research focus was on student media and news literacy and whether or not it can be improved by instruction. I completed my action research symposium presentation yesterday, so that's one more big thing to scratch off my to-do list. I still have to finish writing the final paper for next week, but I thought I'd share some of my presentation.

Action Research Abstract

The purpose of this study is to assess whether or not students have difficulty evaluating the accuracy of online information and what, if any, impact media and news literacy instruction may have. The study was conducted at a comprehensive public high school in Southern California using a participant pool of 54 students. Study data on student media literacy performance collected both prior to and after instruction indicated that student research participants did indeed struggle to adequately evaluate the accuracy of online information and that their ability to do so can be improved by media and news literacy instruction––in some areas, significantly. Based on the positive impact of instruction on participants’ ability to evaluate the accuracy and intent/purpose of online information, and given the importance of an informed citizenry to the proper functioning of our democracy, a comprehensive program of media and news literacy education is highly recommended.

Action Research Results Charts

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