Love Your Library

As someone who loves to browse the library and sit and read among a community of readers, I can't wait to get my copy of Robert Dawson's The Public LIbrary: A Photographic Essay. This quote from the afterword by Ann Patchett eloquently captures both how essential public libraries are to our country, and the importance of our continued support and patronage:

"Know this — if you love your library, use your library. Support libraries in your words and deeds. If you are fortunate enough to be able to buy your books, and you have your own computer with which to conduct research, and you’re not in search of a story hour for your children, then don’t forget about the members of your community who are like you but perhaps lack your resources — the ones who love to read, who long to learn, who need a place to go and sit and think. Make sure that in your good fortune you remember to support their quest for a better life. That’s what a library promises us, after all: a better life. And that’s what libraries have delivered."
— Ann Patchett

Stephen Watkins

Husband. Dad. Former ad guy. Current grad student. Future teacher. Unrepentant geek.