Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons club at lunch! I wasn't kidding about the whole "unrepentant geek" thing! And while proving to myself that all the arcana learned thirty years is still in my head somewhere is a huge plus, joining the club is also a great way to meet students on a person-to-person, player-to-player basis and to connect with my colleagues.

Poster Power

Poster Power

Today in US Government I presented a selection of posters from the AIGA’s annual Get Out The Vote civic design program. The class discussed what they thought the message was that each poster conveyed and what visual cues were used by the designers to communicate it. The students then used the S.I.G.H.T. Method worksheet to critically analyze the poster of their choice.

Political Ad Storyboarding Lesson

Over the last few weeks the class had watched a number of political TV ads for specific ballot propositions, both pro and con. Their assignment was to now break up into small groups and create a storyboard for their own 30-second political ad. Each group was instructed to: 1) select one of the 17 ballot propositions we had studied (no Prop 60); 2) decide on a position – either pro or con; 3) using the facts they’ve learned about the propositions, construct an argument which supports their chosen position; and 4) create a storyboard for their political ad that made a convincing, compelling, and evidence-based argument either for against their chose proposition.