Breaking News: Some People Still Ignorant

As I was sitting down to start planning a US History lesson for next week about the Japanese American experience in WW2, I came across this story in the Washington Post that I somehow managed to miss for a couple of days:

At this point, I guess I really shouldn't be shocked that a person holding high government office, like Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, would be capable of such casually ignorant racism. That he would direct it at Rep. Colleen Hanabusa while she was questioning him about funding for the preservation of the history of Japanese American internment during World War II—and do it with a smirky smile (see the video)—has me banging my head against my desk in frustration.

Untangling the Untangleable

This. So much this.

"I refuse to untangle civil and human rights from education just so you don’t have to be uncomfortable."
— Jennifer Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief of Cult of Pedagogy

From her post on the Cult of Pedagogy Facebook page.

Politics, Teacher Neutrality, and President Trump

As a student teacher who is very politically engaged and aware, these are trying times. I definitely struggle to remain neutral when politics and current events come up in class. And, before you say "politics have no place in the classroom," I should point out that I am student teaching in two U.S. Government classes. That makes politics, at least in the abstract, tough to avoid.