See No Evil, Print No Evil

See No Evil, Print No Evil

Angus Nurse has published a scholarly article in The Comics Grid See No Evil, Print No Evil: The Criminalization of Free Speech in DMZ which examines contemporary notions of free speech and the criminalization of journalistic expression since 9/11.

The Unrepeatable Elephant in the Room

First off, this isn't intended to be a partisan political post. I really am trying to approach this from a history/social science angle. The topic I'm addressing is already being vigorously discussed in social media, at home, in the hallways, and in the classroom. I'm writing with the hope of helping to ground the discussion in American history.

You Are History

Remember sitting in history class thinking: "If I was alive then, I would've..."? Well you are alive now. Whatever you're doing is what you would've done.

Zen Pencils - On the Mindless Menace of Violence

Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils once again delivers a timely message that needs to be heard and a lesson that badly needs be taught over, and over again. The inspiration for this comic is one of Robert F. Kennedy's most important speeches, titled ‘On the mindless menace of violence’, which Kennedy gave on April 5, 1968, the day after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Please visit Zen Pencils to read the full comic.