The Highlight & The Lowlight of My Summer

West Coast Trail Me FI

I made my second attempt at hiking Vancouver Island's West Coast Trail this summer. This time, I had my daughter along for company. This trip was both the highlight and the lowlight of my summer. The rugged coast of Vancouver Island is an amazing place to be, and it was made even better by being there with my daughter. I just wish we hadn't been forced to come home early after I took one bad step and ended up with a broken ankle.

Oh well, the say the third time's the charm, so we'll be back next year.

IMG_1978 (Priime Analog).jpeg

Iceland On My Own

For Spring Break this year I did something I've never done before— traveled on my own. I visited Iceland and stayed in an amazing little cabin in remote West Iceland for a week. I hiked, read and traveled around. Loved it!

Winter Break

Over the winter break my familty and I traveled to Spain. We visited Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and Granada. Spanish history is a particular interest of mine so it was awesome to be able to spend time in some of the places I've read about.