Being involved

I feel that it's important to be involved in your school outside of your daily classroom. It provides a means to connect with students you might not otherwise meet and to help them feel connected to the greater school community.

WHS Girls Water Polo Supporter

I have been actively involved in supporting the WHS Girls Water Polo program. It’s a growing program that needs a lot of support. I have been involved in everything from pre and post-game setup and tear down around the pool, helping manage and staff the fundraising snack stand, photography for the team yearbook and recruiting material, and lending some expertise and a willing hand when required for out-of-the-pool team building activities.

I enjoy contributing to this effort because I believe that involvement in sports can be of great benefit to the confidence and self-esteem of teen girls, especially at a time when they are facing almost 24/7 negativity ranging from body image concerns to some of the horrible experiences of women and young girls that are recently coming to light. Learning to embrace the physical and mental challenges of competing in a very tough sport like water polo can go a long way towards creating capable, confident, resilient, and strong young women who are prepared to meet whatever life may throw at them head-on.

"I hope you know you are capable, and brave, and significant—even when it feels like you are not."
—Author Unknown

Connections: Past & Present Reading Group

At some point, I'd like to start a "Connections: Past & Present" history and current events reading group. Students in this group would have the opportunity to propose historical material that's relevant to what's going on today for group reading, then engage in discussions that explore the connections to and the roll that these historical events have played in shaping current events and the modern state of affairs in our world. I believe it's important to help students understand that A) history is relevant to the world they live in, and B) to help them develop a sense of historical context and continuity. My goal with this group would be to help kids discover or grow an already existent love of history and learn that much of what is going on in the world around us is the results of past events.