Student Work Samples - Economics

Student Work

I'll be the first to admit that Economics isn't my strongest subject. Because of this, while student teaching I thought quite a bit about how to design lessons and activities that could make economic concepts that at times can be dry and esoteric more approachable and relatable to my students.

The student work shown below is from a 12th Grade Economics assignment called Econ Song.

Students were asked to choose a song that spoke to an economic issue. They were to then analyze their songs and identify what economic issue(s) the song addresses; cite evidence of the economic issue(s) in the lyrics; explain why they felt the artist wrote/performed the song; and how the song might resonate with listeners because of the particular economic conditions they experience.

After completing their analyses, students created posters that visually represented their chosen song and its relationship to economics, then presented them to the class.

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